Fibercore offers a number of different doped fibers including erbium doped fiber for various ‘C’ and ‘L’ amplifier configuration

All supported by our GainMaster™ simulation software to help you design even the most complex EDFAs.

Which fiber is the correct one for your application?

Erbium Doped Fiber IsoGain – With industry-leading efficiency, this family of fibers is used in EDFA’s, Lidar units, OCT, and other applications where amplification is needed. Signal absorption level range of this fiber family is from 5dB to 45dB. Typical power levels that can be achieved is up to 800mW pump power. The fibers cover the C-Band and L-Band and options are available with reduced cladding diameters for Mini and Micro EDFA’s.

Erbium Doped Fiber AstroGain – Used for light sources and amplifiers for space applications that are core pumped up to ~400mW pump power. The fiber has an optimized trivalent core matrix for space operations.

PM Erbium Doped Fiber – Used in EFDA’s, coherent communications or other applications where polarization maintaining is desired. Designed for 980nm pumping and provides polarization extinction levels up to -30dB.

Triple Clad Doped Fiber – All glass fiber used in cladding pumped high power amplifiers (YEDFAs) for use up to and beyond 5W pump power. A key advantage to this design is the glass is round versus octagonal which greatly simplifies cleaving and splicing of the fiber.

Dual Clad Erbium/Ytterbium doped Fiber – All glass fiber used in high power amplifiers (YEDFAs) for use up to 5W pump power. Utilizing Fibercore’s petal shape design, the CP1500Y fiber has been optimized to provide efficient energy transfer. The secondary cladding is round rather than octagonal which greatly simplifies cleaving and splicing of the fiber.

Isolating Wavelength Division Multiplexer CP-IWDM – Used in cladding pump applications with CP1500Y fiber for amplification. Combines a high power multimode pump and a single mode signal to a single SMM900 dual clad pump-signal fiber output.

Other Doped Fibers – Core pumped designs for use in amplification at wavelengths of 1060, 1085, and 1550nm. These fibers are used in amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) light sources, erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs), and fiber lasers.

OEM Amplifier Gainblock – Building block for amplifiers and fiber laser systems with 3W output. The design is compact and is optimized for gain flatness between 1550nm and 1565nm.

Typical Applications: DWDM systems  |  ‘Metro’ EDFA’s  |  Low power fiber lasers  |  CATV systems

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