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Fibercore doesn’t just sell specialty fibers; we are your partner, leveraging industry-leading knowledge to deliver unmatched service.

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Across nearly forty years of monumental technology changes Fibercore has flourished, continuing to embody a spirit of technical excellence.

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From tailoring a new solution, to supporting an existing project, Fibercore is there for our customers, by always providing exemplary service.

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A message from Chris Emslie, CEO Fibercore

Is specialty optical fiber the greatest technology that no one ever heard of? Chris Emslie, Fibercore's founder and CEO describes how fibers are invisibly woven into many of the world's greatest innovations.

The race for space communications

Optical space communication is an exciting and growing region of the communication industry that allows high speed and highly secure communication across the globe.


The 5G Revolution

5G is a game changer of a generation as it creates the connectivity required for the Internet of Things (IoT).  It will enable applications and technologies that we can’t even imagine.

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Building on seven decades of crash test dummy innovations to help automotive and transportation engineers ensure a safer future.

The global leader in specialty optical fiber solutions that enable precise sensing and control in the world’s most demanding and harsh environments.

Unrivaled innovation for load cells, torque sensors and custom strain gage-based sensors for medical, aerospace and many other industries.

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World leading laser micromachining and optical-fiber processing tools and services meeting precision manufacturing challenges worldwide.