For ultraviolet, visible and near IR transmission, EDFA pigtailing, sensors & tethered platforms

The single-mode (SM) range of fibers has been designed to perform in a wide range of challenging applications using wavelengths between 450nm and 1650nm.

The SM-SC range of fibers both extends the range into the UV and also enables use in harsh environments. The fiber offers minimal photo- darkening and reduced susceptibility to the effects of hydrogen ingression when compared with conventional, germanosilicate cored fibers.


The SM range of fibers are offered with a range of numerical apertures from 0.10 to 0.42. The high NA variants reduce bend-induced loss to levels dramatically below those of standard telecommunication fibers and even exceed the performance of G.657.B3 fiber. This allows them to be used in bends of 10mm diameter or smaller.

The high germania content fibers have considerably enhanced photosensitivity, making them ideal for the fabrication of fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs).

A range of harsh environment coatings are available, including carbon, polyimide and high temperature acrylate.

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