Highly birefringent (HiBi) fiber is designed for high-performance interferometric and polarimetric sensors and integrated optics

Fibercore’s industry leading polarization maintaining fiber (PM fiber), is designed for high performance interferometric and plarimetric sensors, integrated optics and communications.

Fibercore’s family of PM fiber is called HiBi for its high birefringence and is manufactured with the Bow-Tie configuration where the Stress Applying Parts (SAPs) act as opposing wedges generating optimum stress distribution within the fibers, giving the very best in performance.

The Bow-Tie fibers can be customized for optimum performance for each particular application such as for fiber optic gyroscopes, fiber optic current sensors, optical current transformers, all fiber polarizers, telecoms PM fibers and many more applications.

Fibercore has the largest installed base, biggest market share and is the key provider to the world’s largest consumers of PM fiber – let us help guide you to the best optical fiber for your specific application!

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