Fibercore is the global leader in specialty optical fiber solutions that enable precise sensing and control in the world’s most demanding and harsh environments.

Through five decades, Fibercore has contributed to monumental changes in technology and its impacts on people and society. If you use the internet or stream movies, chances are that Fibercore is in the signal chain. If you fly, chances are that Fibercore is in the navigation, stabilization, and other systems. If you benefit from GPS, mapping, weather, or other satellites, chances are that Fibercore is helping keep it properly oriented and solar-powered.

Our fibers are found everywhere from the ocean depths to the surface of Mars. They’re used to help protect soldiers and catch drug-runners. They’re sent down boreholes to help maximize oil and gas production and sent into the human body to help find tumors, perform surgeries and identify the perfect location to place life-preserving stents. Fibercore is in all of these places, and so many more.