At Fibercore, you might think of our core mission as improving the world

Our innovations enable people to communicate and collaborate globally. They help keep people safe in the air, and they help create better outcomes through more effective diagnosis and treatment. They add to the sum of human knowledge through exploration of the oceans, the earth, space and other worlds.

Fibercore does all of that and so much more. As individuals and teammates, we take inspiration from the Fibercore mission, and we apply the same perspective to our daily lives and business principles. Here are just a few of the ways we strive to improve the world, from our people to our communities to our shared environment.

Our People

While our impact around the world is huge, the Fibercore team has the scale and feel of an extended family. Some are young and eager to bring fresh ideas. Others bring experience gained through decades with Fibercore. Many live and work in Southampton. Others work at remote locations in the UK and across the US. Many have come to us from countries and cultures around the world. And all of our people are highly trained and qualified, with many PhDs, MBAs and other advanced credentials.

With all our diversity in origin, location, expertise, working arrangements and more, we all share a gift that can never happen in a large corporation. We all know and care for each other. Fibercore is a true work family: big in our global contributions, but intimate in our ability to nurture and celebrate each team member’s accomplishments and successes. And this supportive, can-do attitude is at the heart of the contributions we make to the environment and community.

Our Environment

Fibercore fosters a company culture of awareness and action to reduce our environmental footprint every day. Here are just a few examples:

  • We have redesigned our shipping spools to decrease the amount of plastic used by about half, while also minimizing air freight and associated fuel consumption.
  • Automatic switching devices installed on our equipment and HVAC systems minimize electricity usage during nonworking hours.
  • Recycling programs include:
    • Sending scrap wood to the Southampton Wood Recycling Project, which provides affordable timber and resources to the local community while helping people achieve sustainable employment.
    • Providing surplus IT equipment to The Society of St. James, a charity for the homeless.
    • Minimizing the use of plastics throughout our facilities and recycling plastic waste such as overshoes, disposable protective eyewear, food packaging and more.
  • We replaced plumbing fixtures throughout our facilities with low-flow, non-drip designs to reduce waste.
  • A new, modular boiler minimizes the gas needed for heating and is used only as needed depending on the season and daily weather.
  • All of our lighting has been upgraded to efficient LED technology, greatly reducing energy consumption and maintenance waste.

And in general, we continually sustain a company culture that includes awareness of internal and external environmental issues, including proactive training on regulatory compliance as well as the many steps our employees can take every day on behalf of environmental health and safety.

Our Community

Fibercore has a culture of helping—through both companywide projects and personal initiatives. We’re more than a work family; we’re true citizens engaged in our communities. From bake sales and dress-down Friday fundraisers, from student training and work-along programs to activities for the advancement of our own Fibercore team, we’re always finding ways to make our world a better place. Recent examples include:

  • Contributing to the Jane Scarth House—Romsey Cancer Support Centre to provide emotional and practical support to people living with or affected by cancer.
  • Helping to provide a home environment and long-term nurturing of vulnerable and homeless youth through support for Fledge.
  • Supporting the Piam Brown unit of Southampton Children’s hospital, an oncology and hematology center for children from birth to age 16.
  • Distributing Christmas presents to underprivileged children through a program sponsored by a local radio station.
  • Inviting secondary, undergraduate and even postgraduate students to learn about and participate in the Fibercore business in programs lasting from a day to a week or even several months.
  • Providing staff training on a number of topics, from lunch-and-learns on aspects of our technologies and business to complete first-aid training and certification.
  • Employing a mental-health first-aider on staff to ensure immediate support and referral as needed for anyone who may be experiencing difficulties.

Learn More

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