Connector Types

There are many different types of connectors which have evolved as standard in various applications. The most common of these are described below. With these connector body types there is a ferrule within the plug housing, with the fiber glued in along the central axis, and this can be polished flat or angled.


FC - have a key notch in the hole with corresponding key on the body, with a threaded ring to tighten the plug into the socket.

SC - have plastic box-type housing around the ferule and clip into place with a plastic notch mating into the socket.

LC - similar to SC, but the plastic notch holding the plug into the socket has a small plastic sprung lever.

ST – an old type connector still occasionally seen, with a BNC type notched fitting, push-rotate-lock action.


PC - Flat polish connector, sometimes specified in variants Super PC, Ultra PC or PC

APC - Angle polish connector

An angle polish will reduce back reflections by ensuring that back scattered light exceeds the acceptance angle of a fiber – these connectors are conventionally fabricated with green housing and stress relief to distinguish them from standard flat polish connectors.


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