Cladding Pump Fiber

A cladding pump fiber has a structure typically formed by a single mode active core, a large area pump inner cladding and a depressed index outer cladding. The large area of the multimode cladding pump guide is able to handle large pump power levels whilst the signal is still carried through an active single mode core. The single mode core can then be directly output from the optical amplifier system into the rest of the optical network.

There are many different designs of cladding pump fibers in the market, with variations generally affecting the cladding materials (low-index polymers or silica based materials), the inner-cladding shape (petal structure, hexagonal, octagonal, etc) and the core composition (generally doped with Er, Yb or Er/Yb depending on the application). Fibercore’s cladding pump CP1500Y is a double-clad all-silica fiber with an outer cladding layer of lower, or depressed, index – this forms a waveguide region between the pure silica inner cladding and the depressed index outer cladding. The waveguide formed between the inner and outer cladding has a unique patented petal-shape structure, which scatters the pump light effectively into the doped core of the CP1500Y fiber enhancing its efficiency.

Cladding pump fibers are generally used in medium-high and high power optical amplifiers for FTTX applications.

Cladding Pump Fiber

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