Ocular Surgical Procedures

Ocular (eye) surgery, is surgery on the eye or the area surrounding it and addresses a specific ocular issue such as improving the sharpness and clarity of vision.

Types of Eye Surgery

Cataract (most common): There are different variations of cataract surgery, but the one most frequently performed is phacoemulsification. This procedure involves removing the lens via a tiny incision and replacing it with an artificial lens.

Laser: Is used to correct farsightedness (hyperopia) and nearsightedness (myopia) by reshaping the cornea with laser technology.

Eye muscle: The procedure's goal is to correct eye misalignment (crossed eyes), by tightening or loosening muscles.

Glaucoma: The most performed surgeries are trabeculectomy and laser trabeculoplasty, which focus on draining fluid from the eye.

Corneal: This includes corneal transplants. The transplant procedure involves removing the unhealthy cornea and exchanging it with a healthy cornea. 

Vitreo-retinal: This is the gel-like matter that fills much of the eye and is the tissue of the inner eye that is sensitive to light and crucial to peripheral and central vision. 

Oculoplastic: The structures surrounding the eye are operated such as eyelids.


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