The space industry, a rapidly evolving frontier of technology and innovation, has expanded its scope beyond mere exploration to include telecommunications, Earth observation, and even commercial travel. This sector increasingly relies on advanced materials and technologies, among which fiber optics play a crucial role.

Inertial navigation and attitude control are vital for direction finding and solar cell pointing on a range of space vehicles ranging from LEO, MEO and GEO satellites to planetary rovers. Fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) are one of the key enabling technologies, utilizing Fibercore’s HB-G polarization maintaining (PM) optical fibers at the heart of the gyro. For long duration or deep space missions, radiation tolerant variants are required. Fibercore’s range of Radiation Tolerant (RT) PM fibers fulfills this need. 

As the demands for faster data transmission and more reliable connections in space missions grow, the integration of fiber optics continues to propel the space industry into new realms of possibility and efficiency. Erbium Ytterbium doped TC1500Y(11/125)HD amplifier fiber is used within LEO satcom systems, enabling satellite-to-satellite and ground-to-satellite optical communications.