Lighting Up The Body - Fiber Optics For Biomedical Applications

In this on-demand webinar, we will explore how specialty optical fibers can be applied to a number of applications within the Biomedical field, such as Haptic Feedback, Chemical Sensing, Endoscopy and many more! 

Our webinars are presented to enable our experts to engage in discussions and share the latest knowledge within the various industries we serve. When in-person meetings are not practical because of distance, schedules, or even health reasons, our webinars are a great source of information delivered effortlessly right to your computer. Enjoy!

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Lighting Up The Body - Fiber Optics For Biomedical Applications

Discover how specialty optical fibers are used within the Biomedical sector to enhance multiple applications with Fibercore's on-demand webinar, presented by Dr. Andy Gillooly.

Andy Gillooly Business Development Fibercore

Dr. Andy Gillooly

Andy Gillooly the business development manager at Fibercore (Southampton, U.K.). In 2001, Andy graduated from the University of Birmingham, with a masters degree in physics and received a PhD in fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) from Aston University, England. He spent over four years as a senior development engineer at SPI Lasers, developing FBGs and pulsed fiber lasers. After SPI, Andy joined Sharp Laboratories of Europe, responsible for the optical design and technical customer interactions for Sharp's wafer level camera project. Later, Andy joined Fibercore where he is currently responsible for driving the company forward into new markets with new products, he has currently been with Fibercore for 14 years.