Introducing eDAS™ - Enhanced Distributed Acoustic Sensor Fiber

Enhanced Distributed Acoustic Sensing Fiber (eDAS) provides continuously distributed reflection points along the length of an optical fiber to improve the level of back scattered signal, substantially above the Rayleigh noise floor.

Watch our video presented by Dr. Andy Gillooly (Head of Business Development for Fibercore) as he introduces the eDAS™ concept, how the fiber is used in operation and the benefits that enhanced DAS fiber brings to industries such as Oil and Gas exploration.


eDAS Presentation Video Andy Gillooly

Introducing eDAS - Enhanced Distributed Acoustic Sensor Fiber

Head of Business Development at Fibercore, Dr. Andy Gillooly, walks through the benefits and applications of our latest specialty optical fiber Enhanced Distributed Acoustic Sensor Fiber, otherwise known as eDAS™.

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Andy Gillooly Business Development Fibercore

Dr. Andy Gillooly

Andy Gillooly the business development manager at Fibercore (Southampton, U.K.). In 2001, Andy graduated from the University of Birmingham, with a masters degree in physics and received a PhD in fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) from Aston University, England. He spent over four years as a senior development engineer at SPI Lasers, developing FBGs and pulsed fiber lasers. After SPI, Andy joined Sharp Laboratories of Europe, responsible for the optical design and technical customer interactions for Sharp's wafer level camera project. Later, Andy joined Fibercore where he is currently responsible for driving the company forward into new markets with new products, he has currently been with Fibercore for 14 years.