Telecoms PM Fiber - HB980T

For EDFA pumps, Raman pump Lyot depolarizers and telecommunications applications

  • Ultra-short beat-length variants for superior polarization performance
  • Splice compatible with both standard SM fibers and other PM fibers
  • Available in both 245μm and 400μm coating diameters
  • Tested in accordance with Telecordia GR-20-CORE
  • Excellent geometry for splicing

Typical Applications:

  • Pump diode pigtails
  • Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)
  • Cable Television (CATV)
  • Interferometric sensors
  • Lyot depolarizers

    Product Variants Explained


    PM pump fiber for use in telecoms style 980nm pumps

    HB1250T (245)

    PM transmission fiber for use around 1310nm

    HB1250T (400)

    Thick coating PM transmission fiber for use around 1310nm for improved micro-bend resistance


    PM transmission and depolarizer fiber for use around 1550nm


    Thick coating PM transmission fiber for use around 1550nm for improved micro-bend resistance

    Operating Wavelength (nm) 980 - 1310
    Cut-Off Wavelength (nm) 870 - 970
    Numerical Aperture 0.13 - 0.15
    Mode Field Diameter (μm) 5.3 - 6.4 @980nm
    Attenuation (dB/km) ≤3 @980nm
    Beat-Length (mm) @633 ≤2.0
    Proof Test (%) 1 or 2 (100 or 200 kpsi)
    Cladding Diameter (μm) 125 ± 1
    Core Cladding Concentricity (μm) ≤0.6
    Coating Diameter (μm) 245 ± 7
    Coating Type Dual Layer Acrylate
    Operating Temperature (°C) -55 to +85
    Technical Bulletins