Fan Outs

Plug-and-play component for multicore fibers

  • Compact package size
  • High data rates
  • Scalable manufacturing technique

Typical Applications:

  • 2D bend sensing
  • Active Optical Cables (AOCs)
  • Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • Distributed sensing

    Product Variants Explained


    Fan-out unit designed to guide light from a 4 core fiber into 4 separate SMF28 pigtails.


    Fan-out unit designed to guide light from a 7 core fiber into 7 separate SMF28 pigtails.

    Operating Wavelength (nm) 1550
    Insertion Loss (dB) 1 (typical)
    Number of Cores 4
    Crosstalk (dB) ≤-45 (typical)
    Core Configuration Square
    Operating Temperature (°C) 0 to +85
    Connectorization Single core: None, LC/PC, LC/APC, FC/PC, FC/UPC, SC/PC, SC/APC, MTP/APC and others upon request
    Multicore: None, FC (narrow keyway), SC (all in PC or APC) and others upon request
    Technical Bulletins