Ruggedized Fiber Cable

Protects Valuable Fiber

  • Options available from 900μm tight or loose buffer to 3mm aramid reinforced  cable
  • Available in blue (for PM fibers) and yellow (for non-PM fibers), orange (MM fiber) and yellow (for other fiber), or other colors by request
  • Provide essential protection in indoor and outdoor applications
  • Fully compatible with the Fibercore range of connectors

Enables rapid fabrication of short custom cables

  • Furcation cable option
  • Available without the fiber or connectors
  • Nylon pull-cord allows ruggedization of virtually any fiber

Typical applications:

  • Sensor cables
  • Medical probes
  • Beam delivery

    Product Variants Explained
    • 900µm Hytrel® sleeving
    Sheath Outer Coating (mm) 0.9
    Sheath Material Hytrel®
    Loose Tube Outer Diameter (mm) -
    Loose Tube Inner Diameter (mm) -
    Loose Tube Material -
    Reinforcement -
    Pull Cord No