Pigtails & Patchcords

For specialty single-mode, multimode, multicore, or polarization maintaining fibers

  • Reliable, demountable connection for ease of fiber use
  • Choice of Generic or Premium for optimum PM fiber performance

Typical applications:

  • Fiber laser beam delivery
  • Oil & Gas sensor cables
  • Medical probes
  • High bit rate data transmission

    Product Variants Explained

    Single-Mode Connectors

    Termination service for any of our SM Fibers

    Polarization Maintaining Connectors

    Termination service for any of our PM Fibers

    End Face Angle
    Insertion Loss (dB) 0.2 Typical (0.4 Max)
    Return Loss (dB) 50
    Repeatability (dB) ±0.2
    Service Life (Cycles) 500
    Extinction Ratio (dB) N/A
    Keyway Size 2.00 ± 0.02mm
    Temperature Range (°C) -40 to +80
    Connector Type125µm SM Fiber125µm PM Fiber125µm MM Fiber80µm SM, PM, & MM FiberScrew FitPush FitBayonetIntegrated Dust CapTypical Applications
    E2000 APC• • Telecom, DWDM 
    E2000 UPCTelecom, DWDM  
    FC UPC WIDE• Datacom, Telecom, Measurement Equipment, Lasers
    FC APC NARROWDatacom, Telecom, Measurement Equipment, Lasers
    FC UPCDatacom, Telecom, Measurement Equipment, Lasers
    LC APCHigh Density Connections 
    LC UPC• • High Density Connections 
    SC APCDatacom, Telecom
    SC UPCDatacom, Telecom
    SMA 128µmHigh Optical Power, Lasers, Military, Telecoms Multi-Mode
    ST UPC
    Technical Bulletins