Wireline Fiber Optic Cable

Fibercore, in conjunction with selected partners, offer wireline logging cables that utilize Fibercore’s hydrogen resistant, high temperature fibers. The optical fibers are protected in a hermetic metal tube to provide the necessary protection for incorporation into the wireline cable. By working closely with our partners, Fibercore ensures that our designs meet the rigorous requirements of wireline logging cables in regards to temperature, corrosion resistance and strength.

Optical fibers that are incorporated within these cables are used for telemetry to the tool, but can also be monitored for distributed temperature and acoustics, providing additional information for management of the well. In addition to the optical fibers, these cables can include insulated copper elements that can be used to power a tractor, components in the tool or for other sensors.

    Product Variants Explained
    • Utilizes Fibercore’s hydrogen resistant, high temperature fibers
    Temperature Ratings (°C) 85
    (Higher temperature ratings available upon request)
    Technical Bulletins