Fiber In Metal Tube

Fibercore provides fiber in metal tubes (FIMTs) in different sizes, wall thickness and metal types. FIMTs are used in a variety of applications due to the hermeticity of the tube, strength, crush resistance, corrosion resistance and fiber density. Some of these applications include downhole fiber optic cables, logging cables, power cables, cryogenic applications, industrial monitoring, subsea cables and many more.

    Product Variants Explained
    • Available in different sizes, wall thickness and metal types.
    • Outer buffering over the FIMT is available upon request.
    Temperature Ratings (°C) 85
    (Higher temperature ratings available upon request)
    Outer Tube Materials 304 Stainless Steel
    316 Stainless Steel
    Incoloy 825
    Inconel 625
    (Other materials may be available upon request)
    Diameter Range 0.84mm to 6.35mm (0.033” to 0.250”)
    (Diameters are available in 0.1mm increments)
    Wall Thickness Range 0.127mm to 0.3mm (0.005” to 0.12”)
    Technical Bulletins