Is Specialty Optical Fiber the Greatest Technology That No One's Ever Heard Of?

At the very beginning of the Fibercore journey, 40 years ago, there was no Specialty Optical Fiber Market – just pioneers and entrepreneurs trying to make sense of it all – and usually getting it wrong! In 2020, the situation is very different. Specialty Fibers now touch millions of lives, all around the world – people just don’t seem to realize it.

This morning when you first turned on the light and made breakfast, there is an increasing chance that your electrical supply was regulated and optimized by fiber optic current transducers which simply could not work without Fibercore SHB1250 elliptically birefringent fiber.

When you logged onto the Internet or made a telephone call, that connection probably could not have happened if it were not for EDFAs incorporating Fibercore’s IsoGain™ erbium doped fiber. Turn on the TV and chances are that it was Fibercore TC1500Y or CP1500Y that boosted the video signal and helped prevent an Internet crash, despite the massive bandwidth demands of 4K transmission. Or if the service was delivered via satellite, Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) relying on our HB1500G PM fiber could have been making sure that the satellite solar cells stayed pointing at the sun.

If you left your home by train, plane, automobile, or even by boat, it is increasingly likely that guidance, stabilization or other sensing functions were enabled by FOG or LiDAR technologies that are heavily dependent on Fibercore’s Specialty Fiber Technologies. Even the fuel, still used by the majority of these vehicles, could have been extracted from oil wells, mapped and managed using acoustic sensors based on Fibercore products.

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List any number of the headline technologies of today – 5G, Driverless Cars, Big Data, LiDAR, Mixed Reality, Space Travel, Medical Diagnostics, OCT – and you’ll probably find a Fibercore Specialty Fiber at its very heart - the greatest technology that no one ever heard of… yet.

So, 40 years on, and Fibercore is stronger than ever, delivering exciting solutions into diverse sectors and new markets. You might have noticed that we have taken the opportunity to refresh our brand and join our sister companies within the Humanetics Group with a new website. Our new platform will make it easier for customers to connect with us...  and for us to tell our stories about the incredible ways Fibercore's specialty fiber technology is driving innovation in the world around us.

We hope before too long, more people will understand how Fibercore's products are enabling extraordinary product innovation. We look forward to partnering with our customers to continue to break new boundaries.


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