Fiber Bragg Gratings, originally designed for the 'Telecoms Revolution', have become a key enabling technology for distributed strain and temperature sensors, and are now widely used for structural health monitoring of structures and buildings as well as wind turbine blades, sub-sea umbilical cords, downhole applications and unstable geological terrains around the World.

Fibercore offers two ranges of highly photosensitive fiber for FBG fabrication: the PS range of high-germania, boron co-doped fiber for writing high-reflectivity gratings without the need to hydrogen-load the fiber, and the high-germania, bend-insensitive SM1500 fibers which have more than 5X the quantity of Germania than standard telecommunications fibers enabling gratings to be written with or without hydrogen-loading whilst maintaining low attenuation around 1550 nm. In addition, our IsoGain and MetroGain erbium-doped fibers are capable of supporting FBG fabrication for DFBs, Lasers, and Light Sources.

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